Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tree-climbing Goats!

Here is a link to a great NPR story about tree-climbing goats in Morocco. Their intrepid pursuit of fruit even to the edge of upper tree limbs is inspiring. And according to witnesses on the scene, they never fall. Let their nimbleness of hoof be a model for us all.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Interview with Francisco Aragon, Freedom Plow Award finalist

Here is a link to an interview with Francisco Aragon (author of Glow of Our Sweat from Scapegoat Press) about his bridge-building work between Latinx artists and poets and non-Latinx students and with confronting the erasure of Latinx GLBT identity. This interview ran last month in Split This Rock's Blog This Rog and in Harriet at the Poetry Foundation.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cultural appropriation in the news

The issue of cultural appropriation is getting some significant press attention this week. On Canadian Broadcasting, two writers faced off concerning the editor of Write Magazine’s flippant call for a cultural appropriation prize to encourage writers to imagine subjects outside their own cultures—and how some of Canada’s most influential editors actually pledged money for this award. In the Washington Post, George F. Will dismisses what he calls “the left’s obsession with cultural appropriation” as “authoritarianism leavened with philistinism.” But I think that to countenance cultural appropriation, which almost invariably traffics in lazy stereotypes and factually baseless fantasies, is itself a form of philistinism.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Great list of recent Latinx Lit compiled by Ruben Quesada

Ruben Quesada has assembled a comprehensive list of Latinx books published since 2013. I confess to a real weakness for bibliographic lists (I am one of those people who upon first picking up a nonfiction title will open it to the back and browse the bibliography and citations.) So I enjoyed reading this list and feel energized to hit the ground reading this summer!